Durham Area Designers


Urban Plan from Workshop.

The mission of the Durham Area Designers, the DADs is TO facilitate good urban design.

We OPERATE INSIDE the space between the citizen and the  various agencies of local and federal government to effect better cities and public spaces.

We are trained as architects, landscape architects, designers, planners, developers and community advocates. 

We are united in our willingness to use the tools of our trades under a nonprofit umbrella  for the greater common good.

Projects come to us! 

We discern the bigger issues in each individual case, hold community-wide workshops to hear the concerns of the participants, and together put forth a solution.

A SAFE & walkable community of gathering spaces with a diversity of housing types
sustainable & compact lively town centers
WITH many and safe transit connections
mixed uses in close proximity, diverse housing choices
compact & mixed-use urban form, diversity of uses WITH a network of pedestrian and bicycle paths
EMPLOY good landscaping & unique landmarks
and PRESERVE Local character
clear gateways & edges & pedestrian-scale buildings
environmental building design & smart growth development
DAD acts as an antidote to the separate-use zoning code and the dominance of automobile transportation that haS contributed to the erosion of THE citY as a desirable place to live.
Study from Workshop
Study from Workshop
Pen and Ink Drawing from Workshop
Examples of the city at a smaller scale.
We advocate for
Urban Design Workshops focus on community input in workshops led by Durham Area Designers in Durham, NC.